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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Controls Engineer lived in 4 states, married one child and Ancestral Secrets of Knighthood by [Starr, Brian Daniel].
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In our order some members come to us already as a couple, whether married or in a committed relationship. Our singles perform the missions and the same work as everyone else and in some cases get to know a member of the opposite group and pair up. We encourage this pairing up and it is a requirement for the more advanced stages of the work so that members can practice the ancient magik and sacred balance of male-female energy complementing and working together.

It is NOT matchmaking, and no romance is implied. You will learn things from this platonic male-female harmony that you can take home and use in your relationship. This is serious light-working and right-working. Most paired-up members never meet face to face, though hopefully they develop a good email correspondence with their partner and we know some of them exchange phone numbers, naughty naughty. Okay, yes, one couple did meet here and end up getting married.

At first new members all work as a group, get acquainted, do some workings all together and then the members that have made it that far can study some partner methods by pairing up—if they want. Those who prefer being solitaire will have plenty to do, but still should learn the partner techniques. Keep in mind that partnering is like dancing. It is not sex. Dance and partner-magik are very similar metaphorically. These men and women were ahead of their time. They knew that gender balance is important and makes for powerful rightworkings righteous works.

The Fierce Female Knights of History

The Knights would go out of their fortresses and fight to the death in skirmishes and battles, putting their very lives at risk almost daily. Yet they seemed invincible, Templars seemed never to die or even get wounded. Wounds back then usually meant death, even simple wounds, because of infection.

You got a scratch, you could die. It was quite expected for everyone who lived by the sword to die by it. As for the Templar secret invincibilty, you can guess the cause.

Books by Brian D. Starr (Author of Knights, Romans, Greeks and God)

It was due, of course, to the fact that they had this army of women, the Daughters of Tsion, backing them up, supporting them spiritually and yes, physically. The physical work of the Tsion women and clerics consisted of feeding the Knights and themselves, making and mending all garments and medicines. The enemy takes forms such as subtle perversion, rampant greed, modern slavery, evil corporations, commercialism in schools, not to mention hunger, women and boys bought and sold as sex slaves, group hatred—a negative cloud of consciousness in a group of people say a terrorist group full of hate directed at Christians or Jews , racism, misogyny, child abuse, spouse abuse.

They even join forces at times when they sense the presence of the light-warrior groups such as the KT. We are not shy and will go into spiritual battle, via prayer and astral travel, not to mention letter writing and phone-calling if we have to! We pick a cause and fight it. And continue to fight it. Several of us have been working together for years, but not via email and internet. We have to make sure that each new member of each order is what they seem. And we definitely have to weed out megolomaniac god-complex types, or anyone who has a secret agenda, is habitually dishonest, has joined us for all the wrong reasons, etc.

They are Hebrew words and places. Most of us are indeed of European descent, at least partially.

Evidence Joan of Arc was Hereditary Templar Nobility

Our souls, though in modern trappings, resonate with the ways of our ancestors. But long ago the Europeans embraced the Judaic culture when they embraced Christianity, and this merging should not be viewed as a bad thing. Like us, the Templars were Europeans living in a middle-eastern Judeo-Christian-Islam religious and political culture.

Remember that Christianity itself was originally just an offshoot of Judaism and took years to make its way to France and Germany, Spain and the rest of Europe.

Nobility of the Original Knights Templar Order

This is all historical fact. Our European ancestors were not middle-easterners but accepted a desert religion, many of them doing so under duress. Christianity is what came out of this blending of faiths and is really a European pagan form of a desert religion. They were burned as heretics years later when their paganistic elements supposedly outnumbered their christian practices.

Pagan beliefs, the ways of their pre-christian foremothers and fathers, now called devil worship and heresy is what supposedly did them in. Because of their unique position — standing between two religious worlds, the old and the new each with cultural and spiritual value — the Templars are the perfect embodiment of Pagan Christianity, exemplifying the dual faith.

What they practiced could also be called Judeo-Christian Paganism, but we like to call it Esoteric Christianity or Alternative Christianity. How did the Templars get so wealthy and powerful? The Templars were not racists who slaughtered Jews and Arabs. No, they made friends with them and learned banking from the Jews and Math and Science from the Arabs. Sadly, the Sultans stuck their heads in the sand and religious fundamentalism created yet another crop of suppressive regimes.

This watershed event put an end to a bright-minded Islamic culture that had taken the Arabic world hundreds of years to produce. The Arabic mind had given birth to the number zero and created for the world the set of Arabic Numerals we use today. Some scholars now dispute this, claiming the Zero and the Arabic numerals originated in India.

The Dual Faith period was a violent one, but also a time when Arabic was the language of science and math and Arab courts like Baghdad were centers of technology… and nobody tried to convert the whole world over to their religion. The Templars learned banking and Kabbalah from the Jews.

Ancestral Secrets of Knighthood: Knighthoods Secrets Revealed

They studied the Jewish banking methods, and set up a string of banks all over Europe and all along the road to the Holy Land. But not as bad a ruin as today. The Templars asked a number Jews to help them manage their new banks.

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    The relationships of Galilee are examined as well as the lineage of the Nine Worthy Warriors.

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