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And nsaids do nothing for me! It is important that you understand the etiology of your hip pain.

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Although your hip pain may be from a hip problem, not infrequently it can originate from another source. A lower back etiology has to be considered as well as pelvic pathology, or and autoimmune problem like rheumatoid arthritis. I believe this could be a clue as both of your hips are affected.

I would recommend that you discuss your symptoms with you PCP. He or she may initiate a work-up to determine the diagnosis and treatment options. If this broader work-up does not elucidate the diagnosis, I would suggest that you see an orthopedic specialist. Any advice? Most likely what you are experiencing is coming from a lower back etiology and not your hips.

Significant weight loss and conditioning is paramount. Out-patient physical therapy to learn an appropriate exercise, stretching and strengthening program may also be helpful. Leone, I am a 27 year old female who has recently the last 3 or 4 months has been suffering from severe and intermittent pain in the right hip. It comes on without warning and goes quite quickly within about 1 min. The pain is similar to, although more intense than, the feeling a person gets just before their hip pops, which usually relieves the pain but mine wont pop.

I got my drivers license in June and am wondering if the two may be related as the pain started within 2 months of getting my license. I know you cant diagnose my problem but I was wondering if you might have an educated guess or any suggestions about what to do that I might look into it further. Thank you in advance, Nikie. From the description of your symptoms, it does sound as if the problem is coming from your hip and not another area.

Standing Too Much Is Just As Bad As Sitting: What To Do

I would suggest that you be evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon who will help define the precise etiology. Once again from your description, an intra-articular hip etiology such as a labral tear must be considered. In November , I went to Disney World a suffered extreme pain in my hips after walking for about 10 minutes. When I would start walking again, the pain would return after about 5 minutes. For the next year, I would develop severe hip pain after walking continuously for about 10 minutes..

He said that it might be gout which I have a history of. In November of , I went to Disney again and the severe pain returned after about 10 minutes of walking. Same thing happened the following week when I went on my first cruise. When I returned, I went to my Family Physician who is sending me for an abdominal duplex vascular ultrasound aorta Illiac for a possible evaluation of Claudication.

My test is tomorrow. I have been a paramedic for 39 years. On Monday, I came home from the firehouse and got on a treadmill for 20 minutes. However, I did the treadmill in my bedroom slippers.

3 types of pain in the butt and what you can do about it

The next morning and ever since I have SEVERE pain in my right hip and slightly down into my calf every time I go to my feet from a sitting or lying position. This pain is new. It lasts for about seconds and goes away after I limp around for about steps. Besides being old and falling apart, does this sound like anything obvious? I can understand the Claudication because I have Factor 5 Leiden.

And had a mini-stroke 10 years ago. Every year I do a treadmill test during my fire department physical and have no issues. Any obvious things to look at? I guess that I should just let them run all the tests needed. Thank you for listening.


I was diagnosed with Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome at 24yo following a severe DVT that completely occluded my leg from the groin down. I spent a few weeks in the hospital with the goal being to properly anticoagulate me, wait for the clot to breakdown, avoid a PE not successful on that score and avoid having to have my entire left leg amputated. I was a stellar patient.

Fast forward twenty-two years to late I developed my six DVT, again as always in my left leg; however, something was very different and very wrong. Being an expert on when things start going wrong in that leg, I went immediately to my PCP. He sent me to my vascular surgeon for a duplex ultrasound which was rapidly followed up by a cardiac echo. Hemonc is completely against filter usage and sent me back to the vascular surgeon who was now avialable to read my ultrasound results and see me. At this moment, I was diagnosed with Chronic Venous Insufficiency and informed it was progressive and cumulative and that I was not a surgical candidate for a number of reasons.

I was going to be fitted for a lymphadema pump which I would have to use for three hours per day every for the balance of my life to try and maintain my leg…once again avoiding amputation. This brings us to today, November 20, I am in pain twenty-four hours a day.

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I was advised by my PCP, hemonc, vascular surgeon and neurologist, that my working days were over and I should file for disability. I stubbornly thoughtthat as a former athlete I could overcome the problem. As intelligent as I am, that was clearly not my best move. Not only has the problem become worse, my pain meds have been doubled and Ativan has been added to potentiate the pain medication when it is not enough.

I used to take three pills a day…two 5mg coumadin and one mg metformin. I now take seven different medications totaling over pills a month. Full disclosure, I have well controlled DMII and mild Lupus which produces occasional flares that knock me out for days to weeks until the doc says the pros outweigh th cons of blowing up my glucose and gives me a very sturdy shot of steroids.


My APS is considered secondary to the Lupus. I have developed hard, flaky and discolored skin on my left leg. And now, I have developed my first ulcer despite being a great patient and following instructions to the letter. Most days I need a walker for short distances. If I want to take my children to a museum or ballpark, I have to go in a wheelchair with elevating legs with pillows for comfort.

I have been unable to leave my house for almost four weeks due to the debilitating pain and inability to stand still or walk more than feet without the swelling, heaviness and excruciating pain increasing exponentially. So here are the options as I see them. I am fine with a titanium or carbon fiber leg. I could wear heels again. I could dance again. I could run again.

The Hard Truths of Improving Physique and Fitness | Breaking Muscle

I can play with my little boy again. I could sleep through the night without a wedge and without waking up several times during the night to reposition to lessen the pain. That means my husband could sleep through the night again. I would appreciate your opinion on the two options I have listed above…or your own option if you have a better idea. I am desperate to live a normal, pain free life that I can actually live again. I cannot work. I cannot cook.

I cannot do laundry. I cannot clean the floors or the bathrooms. I cannot buy groceries. I can no longer volunteer. I have had my professional and personal identities stolen by this disease. All I do is prop, pump and take pills.

Fixing “Computer Back”

Please, please, please tell me you have an idea of what can best improve my situation. I am not certain I can tolerate the pain much longer. Thank you in advance dor your time. Your story almost brought me to tears.

Pain from Sitting Too Long? These 5 Tips Can Help - Ask Doctor Jo

It sounds like everyone has done everything right and that you have been a model patient. Your physician is evaluating you for vascular claudication. This absolutely is appropriate, particularly considering your genetics and past history. Neurogenic claudication should also be considered and I would also recommend a back work-up looking for possible pathology that may also be adding to your symptoms.