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The advice of one successful person? Or to glean the wisdom, insight and strategies of 47 conscious entrepreneurs who have walked the path and have the wisdom and insight you find valuable? These authors are openly sharing their expertise, stories, and lessons with you. Ideas and Strategies To Achieve your Dreams. Insight in how conscious entrepreneurs think and act. Step by step process for building a reputation and growing your business. It goes in the mail the very day we receive your request. Ariole K. Alei , Author of H. This is an amazing business handbook to be read… and re-read!

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Keefe is a contributing author to Conscious Enrepreneurs and CEO of Shared Results International, offering training, consulting and coaching for business owners, consultants and entrepreneurs. Located at Sagebrush Circle, Sarasota, Florida, For questions and support please contact: LindaKeefe SharedResults. My kid Max has been doing a radio show called "Kid Power Radio" for awhile now and you should check it out. Tiffany from The Daily Candy called his family friendly radio show "Hilarious! Max recaps the week in entertainment and gives his take and review of what he liked and didn't like on TV, at the movies, video games, in books and in music and even restaurant reviews.

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Please go to his site and download the show for your kid. And if your kid sends Max an email he'll read it on the air next week.

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