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Comprehensive Psychiatry, 54 8 , Reliability, validity, and classification accuracy of a Spanish translation of a measure of DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for pathological gambling. Journal of Gambling Studies, 25 1 , Patterns of substance abuse among treatment-seeking pathological gamblers. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 25 4 , Genes Brain Behavior, 5 1 , Psychological medicine, 38 9 , Comorbidity on disorders with loss of impulse-control: Gender differences among pathological gamblers seeking treatment.

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American Journal of Psychiatry, 1 , Demographic and clinical features of pathological gamblers referred to a community addictions programme. Current Opinion in Pediatrics, 18 4 , Differences between early-onset pathological gambling and later-onset pathological gambling: Addiction, 5 , Co-occurrence of addictive behaviour: European Addiction Research, 18 4 , Pathological gambling and substance use disorders.

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When the two age groups were compared, statistically significant differences were observed in several sociodemographic variables. The results confirm that GD often co-occurs with substance use. The association between GD and the consumption of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs has a series of clinical and personality implications, particularly for young populations. Since several studies have demonstrated that GD rates are higher among younger individuals, early onset of the disorder is often associated with greater severity and persistence of the gambling problems. In addition, the presence of a dual diagnosis drug consumption could complicate the response to treatment.

It is therefore of special interest to continue the study of young populations in order to design and implement treatment programs that address all the problems linked to the clinical profiles in this age range. Gambling problems among young adults is a prominent topic of interest in the international scientific community.

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Gambling in this age range is common, as demonstrated by several studies Breyer et al. The incidence of a first episode of problem gambling among to year-olds is 2. Young adults are particularly vulnerable to problem gambling, which, combined with other variables, is a key risk factor for the development of multiple psychiatric, psychological and social problems that go far beyond a gambling addiction Granero et al.

Various risk factors underlying problem gambling among young adults should be understood from the perspective of an ecological model, in which environmental variables interact with other individual characteristics. Pour quel type de patients? Ces synapses sont des canaux mettant en communication directe le cytoplasme de deux cellules adjacentes. La relation entre la maladie de Parkinson et le cancer est complexe. Les traitements disponibles pour les troubles de la marche et de chutes chez les patients atteints de la maladie de Parkinson sont peu efficaces.

Les bases neurobiologiques des interactions entre temps et motivation sont encore mal connues.

Notre objectif est de mieux comprendre les liens entre cognition, motivation et action dans la maladie de Parkinson. Les personnes atteintes par la maladie de Parkinson sont instables en position debout : ils oscillent plus. Des ensembles de neurones au sein de notre cerveau traitent des informations permettant de commander nos mouvements.

Notre second objectif est de comprendre les fonctions des astrocytes dans la maladie.